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Brand name creation

identityThe name is the first media of a company, product or service and must concentrate as much sense in a minimum of signs. Whatever its territory and its future use, a strong name speaks to our reason as well as our emotions to convince and seduce us, to tempt us while reassuring us.

Creating a name is quite a big deal … But first it is useful to explain the differences between the various names that the company may use. There is the name of the company itself: it may need to create or change during development, mergers and acquisitions. There are also names of brands, products, services, places…

Names for company

It goes without saying, that it is different to create a group name listed on the stock exchange therefore intended to be sustainable such as Vivendi and fresh product name with a lifespan of only a few years … In these two scenarios, moreover, we do not work with the same people. While the name of the company is at the heart of the business strategy and involves the participation of managers, product names often depend on marketing product managers, sometimes communication services.


The Crénom agency is the author of hundreds of names creations and has made itself a place of honour on luxury markets (with loyal customers such as Louis Vuitton or Lancôme luxury) as well as in markets of high technology such as the ship-owner DCNS for which the agency made ​​numerous names of ships: corvette, frigate, and the last submarine, spearhead vessels of DCNS. Sharp names of communication systems have accompanied these creations names.

The relationship between « LA VIE EST BELLE » and « ANDRASTA » is that they are both the result of cooperation with our agency.

Find good names

To create a name we need to understand the basics, the « genetic heritage » of the company or service. To facilitate and optimize our efforts we have developed brand platforms where we help the client to « give birth » to its identity through brainstorming from a steering group. This step is essential to lay the foundations of a healthy and sustainable brand. Steering through the « businesses psychology” is not always easy because we meet in this area many « unspoken words » … It is here especially  that experience is the most useful.

Brand naming Methodologie

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Activity of brand naming

What is the name?

Name provides three basic functions: it allows the brand to be known (identification), to distinguish themselves from the competition (distinction), and to be desired by establishing proximity to the target (recovery ) It must avoid some common places : A good name does not have to be Greek, short, or disruptive to be stored. There are no magic formulas or specific notes for this is relevant rules. The fact that a name is not long empêch é brand names such as La Vache that laughs – a whole sentence! – to be a great success. One can also cite the example of Haagens Dazs (would you know the write memory?) To demonstrate a strong name does not have to be simple and easy to pronounce! The magic name does not exist! A name can not say everything. It is important to prioritize messages and values ​​to be conveyed. Do not forget also that a name just created is not yet incarnate: it will animate it to make it alive and part of the whole marketing project. Once created, the name also needs to communicate, to be consistent and no miracles can be done by name only if the promises are not kept. Beware of meaningful names! The dictionary words with a positive meaning, or the names of planet, precious stones, and those within mythological records (which everyone thinks spontaneously) are often mostly already filed! Remember step linguistic validation! for community and international brands, designed to communicate across the French territory bother to verify that the name is pronounceable internationally without translations or negative connotations in the main languages ​​concerned by your project.


What INPI? National Institute of Intellectual Property is a public institution in charge of the protection of intellectual property on the French territory. It is the sole authority to register a trademark registration agency. What is a legal class? A class is a group of products and services. There are 45 different classes with products and services of the same nature. A trademark registration is done in a specific area, for certain products / services. Class to easily find the relevant areas and to check the availability of the brand. Over what time extends the filing of a French brand? A French brand is valid for 10 years, throughout the territory français.La brand can be a name (word), logo (figurative mark) or a name and a logo (semi figurative mark). Submit a name in all classes may be superfluous.Montblanc pens and Montblanc creams coexist very well because the two brands do not fall within the same range of heights nor target the same clientele. Nobody thinks to pens eating cream! It is for you to measure the risks relating to the filing of your name, and analyze the results of legal research. INPI has no power to refuse the registration of a trademark on the grounds that another brand, likeness or similar has already been filed. Protect its brand internationally All the steps taken by the INPI will protect the brand on the French territory .Regarding the filing of a CTM, you must contact the OHIM. The CTM also provides valuable protection in France. For an international brand is WIPO is responsible for protection.La international application (forms) must be submitted to the International Bureau of WIPO through the Office of Industrial Property of your country Original (INPI in France). An international application directly to the International Bureau by the applicant or his representative is not considered as such and returned to the sender. Book your domain name Before filing your trademark, also remember to check the availability of the corresponding domain name (if you ever have envisaged the creation of a website). The search can be performed knew the Internet, especially on sites offering hosting services or domain name registration. For names fr domain, check the gate of the AFNIC (the center of information and management of domain names internet.fr (France) and .re (Reunion Island)): http: // www.afnic.fr

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